Traditional Thai Massage Training

Traditional Thai Massage course

Classes taught by professionals completely dedicated to Traditional Thai Massage and with years of experiences with related therapies. Sanuk has 5 years of experience in Mallorca making Thai massage known.

Our school and center

Sanuk is the only specialised Thai massage center on the Island and also offers professional training in this field. We has the pleasure of training some of the therapists who offer their services at some of the best spas on the island like Hotel Cap Rocat.

What we offer

We provide the training for an enriching and beautiful profession and the opportunity to take a course that will improve the quality of life of their patients under the philosophy of healing through touch. Thanks to the prominently practical focus, our students learn the necesary techniques to perform a professional Thai massage sequence. We work with preassure, stretches and realignments. The ample experience and knowledge of the teachers in various maneuvre techniques allow our students to learn the energetic lines and points of this ancient art with a profesional focus. Finally, we consider that giving Thai Massage implies a job that helps the therapist himself to become aware of his own state, helps him to find a state of inner balance through self-healing processes.

Study Programme

  • Introduction and history of Thai massage: Origen and history

  • Main influences of Thai massage

  • Fundamental principles of the therapist: breathing, postures and specific techniques.

  • Benefits and precautions of Thai massage

  • Complete basic sequence of positions: supine, lateral, prone and sitting for a massage session (80 movements)

  • Introduction to muscular tensions, trigger points and treatment with Thai massage.



At the beggining of the training, the school will give each student a manual with theory and coloured photos of each movement in the massage sequence. Upon finishing the course, and having passed the theory and practical exams, we present an accrediting diploma from Sanuk Mallorca.

We put the schools facilities at your disposal outside the class hours, so that you can carry out supervised practices by the school's teaching staff that will be added to the total hours of the training certificate.




DURATION: 50 hours (including 20huours of guided practice)


CLASSES: Sunday from de 10:00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

PRACTICES: Tuesday and Wednesday 9 am to 11.30 am


PRICE: 450 € (50 € enrollement included).