Sanuk Massage

Sanuk Massage


The Sanuk massage is the most complete of our treatments, bringing together three of the massages we offer in the center: Reflexology, massage oils and Kobido.

The session is started at the base of the body. Foot reflexology can stimulate the internal organs, as in the foot every part of the body is expressed. It also releases tensions.

We continue the treatment with an oil massage that is given throughout the entire body, following the energy channels that run through the body. It activates the circulatory and lymphatic system, relaxes the nervous system and releases tension in the muscles. Using oils that release aromatic and natural substances, it provides an instant feeling of well-being.

We end with Kobido massage, a traditional Japanese massage focus on the face and head .This treatment is the culmination of the session . It enlivens blood circulation, eliminates toxins, impurities and dead cells. It also prevents the degenerative process of the skin.

The Sanuk massage is felt from head to toe.