Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage


What is known today as Traditional Thai Massage or Thai Yoga was born more than two thousand years ago in Thailand. Heir of Chinese medicine, ayurveda and yoga, it has proven to be a beneficial method that relieves stress, relaxes and invigorates muscles, provides energy and serenity of mind.

According to Thai tradition, healing resides in the belief that all forms of life are based on a vital force (LOM) which is transported along invisible lines (sen) passing through the body. Following this theory, traditional Thai massage seeks to free energy blockages by stimulating the natural flow of the vital force in order to maintain a general balance.

In the last fifteen years, the traditional massage has expanded outside Thailand. In the West it has been integrated with other therapies, such as physiotherapy, osteopathy etc., combining traditional Thai massage techniques and therapies of different traditions, and providing knowledge of the current science, enriching the massage and its ability to respond to specific therapeutic requirements.

The massage is given on a futon and provided are a special cotton pants and top. Thai massage is applied from head to toe following a sequence of pressures at a constant steady rhythm, in a calm and concentrated atmosphere. The breathing of the massage therapist and the patient is harmonized.
Through assisted movements of yoga, the therapist is able to move parts of the patient's body that otherwise would be difficult to do on one's own.
Moreover, the relaxing atmosphere helps the patient to achieve balance and peace of mind.

The result of a Traditional Thai Massage session is the sensation of healing and wellness on the physical and mental planes .It is a global therapy for body and mind.


Thai massage provides recluse from the stress and monotony of everyday life. It also helps to relax the body and improves the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Furthermore, it contributes to eliminate toxins, to soothe muscle and joint pain and relieves tension in the back and neck caused by poor posture or muscle weakness. It facilitates as well a deep sleep and rest. Additionally, it has positive effects on pregnant women, babies and athletes.